Not Goodbye, but Hello

a joint statement from Girls’ Game Shelf

The Journey Here

Girls’ Game Shelf has been such an impactful space for women in boardgaming ever since Kiki founded the YouTube channel in 2015. Her original goal with GGS was to create a weekly show that gave the viewer an impression of what it is like to play through a board game with a dynamic, fun-loving group of women. 

Fast forward five years and it grew into even more: a community for those to come together and support the players, a blog for women to write their reviews of the latest hotness, a space on Twitch to livestream digital boardgames and conventions, and a way to highlight topics surrounding women in boardgame design. We even did coverage of tasty snacks to have during a game night — you know, back when we had those…

The support of our Patrons, Twitch subscribers, followers, and of course the boardgame publishers have sustained us and our content these past five years. We’ll be forever grateful to all of them and you.

The Path Forward

Now the hard part. 2020: this pandemic has impacted everyone, including GGS. With Kiki’s departure and AnnaMaria stepping down from her role as Editor-in-Chief, we’ve been having long and thoughtful conversations about what this means going forward for us.

So, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the end of Girls’ Game Shelf starting December 1st, 2020. What this means:

First and foremost, all of us care about each other and respect one another deeply. We’ve made lifelong friendships because of this organization, and will continue to cheer each other on in our future paths. Make no mistake, this decision was made together.

Moniquean Mondays and Chaos Factor on Thursdays will be discontinued effective Monday, November 16th. Michelle and Beneeta will continue their Twitch streams on Tuesday and Wednesday through November 25th. We’ll also have one final livestream (TBA) with the whole crew before the end of November. The Twitch schedule will be updated accordingly.

On Youtube, our Bits and Bobs series will conclude with a final episode on December 1st.

You will still be able to dig into the archives of our blog, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch as we plan to keep those spaces up for at least the next year. We all worked hard on that content and believe it’s still a valuable contribution to the community, as well as features many amazing women in the industry!

We will be taking the next steps to turn off any recurring payments from our Patrons and Twitch subscribers effective December 1st. Thank you so much for your support, which made it possible to pay our contributors for their talents and efforts for this long.

Not Goodbye, but Hello

We’re also sending an open invitation to follow each of the women of GGS as they grow in other spaces and even make their own individual content for the world to see. Links, contact info and other ways to keep in touch with all of us will be shared in the coming weeks. Certainly you’ll still see us in the chat communities on Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Come say hi!

Again, thank you all so much for your encouragement, advice, troubleshooting, and everything else in between these past five years. Each of us has learned so much about ourselves and it couldn’t have been possible without you.

With love,
AnnaMaria, Beneeta, Emma, Fertessa, Kailey, Kiki, Michelle, and Monique