First Look: Creature Comforts

The leaves have begun their annual turn into oranges and reds, and the harvest is being gleaned from field and hillside. Soon it’ll be time to gather around roaring hearths, swaddled in comfy blankets as gentle snows begin to fall. In Kids Table Board Game’s latest offering, Creature Comforts, you spend the warmer seasons gathering goods and resources to make the coziest den before winter begins.

Game play is done around a board representing the village, in which each player has a home. Players will take turns placing their individual workers (their family) in various spaces in order to collect items they’ll need for the coming winter. You may choose to gather goods and resources, buy supplies, or craft items and improvements to your home or the village. Comforts are crafted via the resources you collect – logs and food will build an excellent larder, while yarn and stories can be woven into a warm blanket. You might even visit random travelers to see what interesting things they bring or event they’ll trigger for the month.

In the end players will score for comforts and improvements. The comfier your home, the better! There’s also a solo play version for folks who enjoy playing alone or for long winter nights. Fun, approachable gameplay by Roberta Taylor with gorgeous, adorable illustrations by Shawna JC Tenney.

Like the snuggliest rabbit den or most comfortable Hobbit hole, Creature Comforts evokes the warmth and coziness of harvest season and awaiting the first snowfall. As with all Kids Table Board Games, Creature Comforts promises to be a fantastic addition to family board game shelves everywhere. The game launches on Kickstarter November 17th.