Review: Catalo-gue

How well do you know your friends? In Catalo-gue, you’ll try to guess your friend’s ranking of things they like – be it items from the grocery store flyer, tools from the Sears catalogue, or items on a takeout menu. Anything list of things can be a game board, and you’re likely to learn and LAUGH a lot sharing Catalo-gue with a friend.

How to Play

Catalo-gue is a 2 player game (with an 8 player party game type variant) about guessing your friend’s favorite things. Game play is extremely simple – place a list of things like the included page of foods in between the two players. One player uses the symbol tokens to select their seven favorite things on the page. Then they take their seven cards that have the same symbols on them, and arrange them secretly, to rank their favorites in order. The other player then tries to play their symbol cards in the same order.

Do you know your friend well enough to know if they like Sushi more than burgers but less than ice cream? You can use anything you want to rank – a local art gallery guide, the NYT best seller list, or even placing the tokens on the other board games on your shelves. If you can rank it, you can use it as the basis of a game of Catalo-gue.


Beneeta and I spied this in Big Cat Games’s booth at PaxU and fell in love. Big, chunky acrylic hearts are an eye catcher and the entire thing packs into a super cute denim bag, awesome for storage and travel.

You may THINK you know everything about someone, but Catalo-gue will test you! Do you know what your partner’s favorite office supply is? How about your best friend’s order of preference in designer scarves? You can go as far as you like down the rabbit hole as it makes a great conversation starter as well. You can dig into books by using a ‘greatest mystery authors’ list, or explore music with a top spotify playlist. During one play with another friend we paused for a 30 minute conversation on sustainability practices in the fashion industry.

There’s quality in the component details. In addition to the super cute acrylic hearts, the marking tiles are some type of stone and have a fantastic hand feel and heft. The carrying bag/holder is well made and would easily survive a tumble in a carry on suitcase.

The idea of using anything for a ‘board’ is brilliant – this expands the play-ability enormously. You could use a toy catalogue with your kids or a menu to decide what order to prioritize future takeout orders with your partner. Maybe a sneaky way to find out something fun for the parents who have everything. Or a learning opportunity – try an animal list or historical timeline and look up everyone’s answers!

Its playable via the internet as well – we just had one person create a list using the symbols and the other use the cards. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try out the multiplayer mode (one person chooses, the party guesses) because of our current situation, but I’m keen to give it a go once we can have get togethers again.

Would I play again? Absolutely – Catalo-gue has tons of variety, its really thoughtfully made, and its a great way to get to know someone even better. <3