Kailey Needs More Toys: Creating a Custom Miniature with Eldritch Foundry

Hi. I’m Kailey, the GGS resident RPG nerd. If you’ve been around for a few of my former articles, you may have noticed…I LOVE gaming accessories. Dice, terrain, props, miniatures, trays, costumes…the more the better. And while I like miniatures, I’ve never actually built my own, or gotten to have a mini specifically for a character of mine. So far, I’ve only painted one miniature in my life…because my hobbies are expensive enough and I know myself. It’ll start with one…and suddenly I’m up to my ears in new toys. But that time of self restraint is over, and it’s all Eldritch Foundry’s fault.

Eldritch Foundry’s 3D Character Creator is a fun and simple way to design miniatures for your next RPG session. The minis are high quality and very customizable, and the site is very straightforward and easy to use. The creator takes you through customizing the Race, Body, Face, Clothing, Items, Pose, and Base, giving you a good range of options throughout. They’re also updating the offerings occasionally, so if there’s a demand for a certain option, it may become available in the future.

The first step has a variety of fantasy races, from elves and humans to demon born (horned humanoids) and Warghast (robotic/construct types). You can choose from any of these, and then decide whether you want a more masculine body type or a feminine body type. I chose Human, because, as a Forever DM, I’m just building myself.

The next step, Body and Face, allows you to customize body type, facial expression, hair, and other add-ons like eyewear, wings, tails, and horns. I really liked that I was able to manipulate the body type of the mini to be thicker and a little curvier, like me. I wish it could go even more, but I imagine there are limitations of the printing to consider. Still, it’s nice not to be restricted to the thin, willowy body type that is the default of a lot of feminine minis. The other accessories are super fun to play with. I, shockingly, did not give myself horns this round. But, like, y’all totally should.

The Clothing step is tons of fun, who doesn’t like playing dress up? There are armor options galore, and even some more modern or steampunk styles. My only quibble is that I wish there were a few more femme options. As someone who plays a lot of princesses, I would love to see more dress,skirt, and shoe options in future updates. For my Forever DM mini, though, a dramatic flowy coat is all I really wanted, and I found the perfect one . 

In the Items step, I get to add a sword in one hand AND a magic swirl in the other AND a potion bottle on my hip, because I’m the DM and I’m all powerful. There are lots of goodies in this stage, from swords and shields to musical instruments and tools, you can equip your mini with everything they might need.

The Pose and Base step is an interesting one. It’s not really something I consider when I think about miniatures, but it adds so much life to the mini! The poses help make the character dynamic and exciting. You can choose a preset pose, like I did, or twist and rotate and mold your mini like clay. The Base options help place your character in the world. Are they standing on smooth stone? Worn wood? Clockwork gears? Is there a chest at their feet? A skull? The opportunity to mix and match here really sparked my creativity and I had a great time picking out the perfect combination. All the decorations may be a little much for a classic miniature meant strictly for gaming, but for something destined for display, like mine, it’s just enough. 

And when you’re finished, one of my favourite parts of the creator is the Token function, that lets you take a snapshot of your build before you finish it, puts it in a nice frame (or a transparent PNG background if you’re fancy), and creates an image for you to keep. It’s a great way to show off your new mini to your DM or your gaming group! And if you’re not sure if you’ve captured your character, Eldritch Foundry lets you save the mini to your account, and you can finish working on it another time. 

The regular miniatures are $35 US plus shipping, so they may be a bit of a splurge for the average gamer, but they make fantastic gifts for the other nerds in your life, or a wonderful way to honour a character that’s near and dear to your heart. I’m very excited to receive mine! Now to find time to paint it…