Preview: Dodos Riding Dinos

Dodos Riding Dinos is a fast-paced racing game for up to six players, inspired by the likes of Mario Kart and Wacky Races. Players take on the role of dodos, racing their respective dinos across the island, which contains a long course and a short course.

The game begins with a race to see who gets to start in pole position. Place the egg token in the middle of the board, then 3… 2… 1… GO. Whoever snatches the egg is the first player, with the players lining up behind the starting line in clockwise order, two to a space. Deal each player six cards. On a turn, each player will select a movement card. When everyone has chosen, simultaneously reveal the cards. Cards have three important components – their speed number, their color, and their power. When it is your turn to resolve, you will first move a number of spaces equal to the speed on the card. Then you will check the card’s color. If it is a normal, blue card you will activate the card’s power. If it is instead one of the more powerful and aggressive red cards, you will get to activate its power only if you are the only person who play a red card. Green cards can be played whenever you want, including during other player’s turns.

Some of the powers on cards let you move extra spaces, some deal damage to people in front of you, or who you passed on your turn. Some even allow you to flick the egg token at targets to damage them, or drop a meteor token from above the board, or throw a banana token from the edge of the table.
Whenever a player takes damage, they must discard a card. If at any point player runs out of cards, they must move backwards three spaces then redraw to a hand of five cards. At the end of the round, the player in the lead gets to move one free space forward, but only the trailing players get to draw a replacement card. Stay in front for too long and you’ll run out of gas.

The first player to make a lap around the board wins. In the event multiple players cross the line on the same turn, whoever overshoots the finish line by the most is the winner.

Light strategy, hilarious hi-jinks, and OH SO CUTE art will make this one a fave at the family game table. Currently on Kickstarter.