Review: Legendary Metal Coins

Legendary Metal Coins are coin sets produced by Drawlab Entertainment. Currently, there are over thirty different sets of coins for every single theme you could possibly imagine, ranging from Alien to Orc. Each coin set includes 24 coins: 10 copper, 8 silver and 6 gold.

I have a weakness for board game accessories, so I was thrilled to receive a set of the Legendary Metal Coins from Drawlab. I was able to play with three different sets and all the coins had a heft to them. The only downside is, depending on the game, 24 coins might not be enough so you would have to buy several sets, which could get pricey.  

RPG Spell Token Set: All the coins in this set are silver with a very gorgeous and bold red design that stands out sharply against the silver. These can be used as counters for role playing games or even life counters in trading card games.

Necromancer Set: Coins in this set come in different colors and unique shapes. With the spooky engravings, the necromancer set is suited for games with the fantasy or horror theme, including the ever prevalent Cthulhu theme. These coins would also be suited as victory point counters in lower scoring games.

Viking Set: The coins in this set have unique designs dating back to the Viking era. These can be used for the numerous Viking games in our hobby including Raiders of the North Sea, Fire & Axe, Vikings, etc.

The level of detail and attention paid to the engravings and shape is unlike anything I’ve seen in other metal coin sets! Overall these metal coins are fantastic.