Distance Gaming: Roll & Writes that Accommodate 1-99+ players

Currently many of us are looking for ways to play games at a distance. Platforms like Tabletopia and Tabletop simulator let your gaming group set up around a virtual table. And sites like Happy Meeple and Board Game Arena allow you to play games with friends or folks from around the world.

Gaming via streaming platform is also becoming popular, with one person manipulating dice and pieces while the other players instruct them for movements and turns. For larger groups, there are a number of roll and writes that will easily accommodate 1 to 99+ players.

Set up and play is quite simple. One player has a copy of the game. They’ll set up a camera pointed at a table and move the dice/flip the cards so that everyone can see. All the players print a copy of the score sheet to use at home. The player with the game hosts a live stream via zoom/facebook live/youtube/social media platform of choice. They can start with a rules explanation or send one out via BGG beforehand. Folks chat, play the game, and mayhem ensues.

We’ve been streaming several in the Girls’ Game Shelf Community over the last month and each stream grows a little more – we’ve had 30+ people playing along at times!

Welcome To
In Welcome To you’ll complete to make the most perfect neighborhood, filling in fences, building pools, and adding parks. Diceless, Welcome To uses cards to signify both what you’re building and the house number (placement). Numerous sheets available with the game and expansions as well as a few different printables to share with friends all over the place.

Patchwork Doodle
Like Patchwork, in Patchwork Doodle you’re competing to put together a square out of polyominoes. Three rounds of scoring accommodate a couple different strategies, and as a bonus if you use colored pencils you’ll have some pretty artwork to share afterwards. In addition to a printable, you can play this on an excel spreadsheet (for folks with no printer or who’d like to save the trees!) Paws vs Pawns had me addicted to this game on the FIRST playthrough!

Second Chance
Careful plotting goes into being the the winner of second chance. In this flip and write, players are competing to fill in as much of their grid as possible based on what gets turned up. There is some player elimination in this one and the GM may need to flip second chance cards, but its quick, easy to put into a regular sheet of graph paper or an excel spreadsheet, and perfect for folks that enjoy spacial puzzles.

Railroad Ink
In Railroad Ink you’re simply trying to connect as many exits to the streets and rail tracks of your town. But your group is sure to find this puzzler is anything but simple. You’ll have some expansions based on the color box (Red is Lava and Meter, Blue is Rivers and Lakes) but the basic game uses the same map for both.

You’ve been charged with a task by the queen – map the territory and claim it for the kingdom. Cartographers has modified objectives with each play, making no two games exactly alike. Distance groups can use the solo rules for marauding monsters, and like patchwork doodle, the use of colorful writing implements creates some interesting player boards. A low ink score sheet is available as well!

On Tour
On Tour presents a twist – instead of drawing shapes on a board, you’re setting yourself up for the ultimate game of connect the dots. Try to visit as many states and regions with your touring band as you can by lining cities up in order. And I’ve just sen a European map on Luzapalooza’s Twitch! Low ink and several rules translations available.

Metro X
Ever think your local subway could be improved? Now its your chance to build the perfect Metro system. Make connections and intersections to construct the most efficient and highest scoring tracks. Score sheets from the game are not currently officially available, but there’s a lovely fan made London Underground map.

All it takes is a phone and a single copy of any of these games for a memorable few hours with ALL your friends and family. Support your FLGS and see if you can have one delivered!
(Need more details on how to set up? Check out our streams Thursday at 1:30ET and Sunday at 1:00ET to watch us live.)