How to Play: Cleocatra

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”― Terry Pratchett

Take on the role of a cat rescuer inspectors appointed by the queen. Your duty is to oversee the people that protect and rescue cats throughout the pyramids. Two to four players race collect unique cats in the abstract tile layer from designer Ta-Te Wu.

The game begins with each player choosing a color of rescuer meeples. Starting with the player who most recently hugged a cat,the seed the board by each drawing a random tile and placing it in the middle of the table with one Rescuer on it. The after the first player’s tile is down, all subsequent tiles must be placed adjacent to another tile and the pyramid can never be split or separated. Over the course of the game, more tiles will be added to the pyramid and Rescuers will be placed all around, trying to earn points by collecting cats from areas that have many different colored tiles.

On your turn, you get two actions, one of which may be a tile action to start your turn. A tile action is either drawing a new tile to add to the pyramid, or moving an empty tile from one location in the pyramid to another so long as you do not cause the pyramid to be broken into multiple pieces, or move a completely surrounded piece.

The other kind of action is a Rescuer action, so depending on whether you took a tile action, you’ll have one or two of these. If you took a tile action, you may use your Rescuer action to place a meeple on the tile you placed or moved. Other Rescuer action options are either placing a Rescuer on a tile next to a Rescuer you already have on the pyramid, with a single tile being able to hold meeples from 2 players, or you can reclaim your meeples through the Score action.

Scoring involves counting the number of colors on tiles in a meeple’s area, with an area being the tile its on, and adjacent tiles. Each different color is worth a point, and you place a brown inspector cube on the space you scored. No one may score a meeple on a tile with an inspector, so you’ll need to score elsewhere to call them away if you want to score a prime spot again. Additionally, you may optionally reclaim meeples adjacent to your scoring meeple, and each one gives an additional point, so a maximum score for a single move is 6 points. If anyone hits 23 points, the game ends at the end of the round so everyone has an equal number of turns.

Sure to please cat lovers and players looking for something quick and fun for the whole family, Cleocatra is currently on Kickstarter.