Good Neighbors: The Charity BoardGamer

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ~ Mr. Rogers

Their introductory blog last August with a resonating sentence. “The games are nothing without the people at the table.” Sharing a legacy of service and love of community brought about The Charity Boardgamer.

What encouraged you to launch The Charity Board Gamer?

My mother was an amazing woman. In her life she would share kindness to any and all that she interacted with. She helped in the community, she encouraged others, took time to love the broken or hurting. She made it a point to let others know that they mattered. Even as cancer ate away at her body, she would care for others. 

When I got back into board games, I was welcomed into the community through Instagram. It was there that I heard about Extra Life and the good it was doing. I liked the idea that I could enjoy something I loved and at the same time make a difference. I wanted my mother’s legacy of love to carry on in my actions and everyday.

I was already doing some outreach and work in our local community with my wife, but Extra Life pushed me harder. I got to know the Hawkins family who I was raising money for. I had the chance to meet a sweet girl who reminded me what I was working towards. Ziler became a reminder of the good we can do.

So I had been encouraging others and raising funds and awareness. Then came the point where I said, “Let’s make this into something celebrating the games and the good we can do for one another.” Our family started reviewing games and I started interviewing others about causes they support. Here was a chance to make a difference and share my mother’s legacy of love and encouragement. The Charity Boardgamer was formed. 

How do you hope to help the board game and greater community? 

There is so much crud and division in this world. Our family wants to share our fun in our reviews, but more importantly we want a message of caring for our fellow person to reach others. There is someone out there wanting to make a difference, but doesn’t know how. Why not let them know all the ways they can be involved? It made a difference for me.

One thing we recently did was create a merch store and decided before we went live that 60% of all profits would go to a charity each month. Also, we planned giveaways that encourage others to look at the charity’s site and follow the good they are doing. 

We are continuing posting interviews on TheCharityBoardgamer. It’s a way for us to show our appreciation for the community and hopefully make an impact. We also have been blessed to do some video interviews with members of the community on Facebook and will be adding them to the site hopefully soon. 

Why do you think gaming and community service is a good fit?

I think of how I can go to a con and sit with complete strangers and for a moment all the differences or political views are put away. We simply sit and enjoy our time with each other. Why not do the same for a good cause? Our community deserves better and we can be better to others. 

How have people been receptive to the idea? 

People have been encouraging and supportive. It makes my eyes sweat when there is an outpouring of love for what our family is working towards. 

Whats your next step?

We are currently working on the idea of trying to visit some people close by and getting the chance to work with some of these charity organizations. This is going to be a future goal as finances are always a factor. Until then, we are going to continue to promote charity, good will and board games.