Cooperative Games: Celebrate your -ship with some Gaming Teamwork

Whether you’re observing Galentines, Palentines, Valentines, or just the Ides of February – we’ve gathered some cooperative games to help celebrate the important relationships in your life! Break out the chocolate, turn up the record player, and create some memories with your friends and loved ones!


2-7 players, 45 mins
Its Cledo with a twist! In Mysterium, the victim of the dastardly deed that has brought you all together to sleuth is trying to communicate clues. Who did the crime? In what part of the house? And what was the cause of death? Working out the solution will require successfully reconstructing the story through picture clues.

Journeys in Middle Earth

1-5 players, 60-130 mins
Set forth on your own adventure through Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The scenario based campaign is controlled partially by an app, allowing everyone to join in and play a character (no GM needed!) Easy to set up and take down too, and with no bits to tear or mark, you can play multiple games or several concurrently.

Forbidden Desert

2-5, 45 mins
Less punishing than Forbidden Island, and less fiddly than Skies, Forbidden Desert is a torch bearer in co-operative gaming. Work together exploring the land to find all the airship pieces and escape with the legendary flying machine, or be buried forever in the shifting sands..

Spirit Island

1-4, 90-120 mins
In Spirit Island you’ll assume the roles of Island spirits, defending the land from colonizers. Players use their cards to repel the invaders, using fast effects and slow burning powers. The very land itself fights alongside the islanders that live there in this twist on colonization games.

Burgle Bros

1-4 players 30-45 mins
Its a heist! Work together to rob the ultra high security building without getting caught! Avoid traps, distract guards, and put your lockpicking powers to the test. This tile exploration game evokes the feel of a game of Fiasco, and good teams should be as coordinated as Ocean’s 7 to pull off the perfect crime.

Pandemic Legacy Season 1

2-4 players, 60 mins
The pandemic that’s been threatening the world has erupted, and its up to your team to hold together civilization and save whomever you can. A legacy version of Pandemic, your team will work your way through 12 months of the disease’s spread – and all the twists and turns the year holds.


1-4 players, 60-120 mins
The humans have all vanished, and the animals that remain struggle to survive and thrive. A storybook adventure in the vein of Stuffed Fables, work together as a mouse, guinea pig, vole, and hamster to scavenge the ruins of mankind, build your colony, and explore the world left behind.

5 Minute Dungeon

2-5 players, 5-15 mins

Working together in this real time card game to come up with combinations your party needs to work your way through the dungeon. Players use their cards to assemble the items needed to defeat each monster in a randomly assembled dungeon deck before time runs out. Chaotic, side bursting fun.