Game Bites: Food Fighters

In Game Bites we talk about fun food themed games and accessibility in gaming. My co-author is my son, Jacob, a non-nuerotypical aspiring chef. Every month we try a new game, he cooks a delicious related dish and shares the recipe, and we talk about the pros and cons of what we’ve played. So sit back, tuck your napkin in, and have a bite with us!

Tonight’s bout is bound to be one for the record books, friends! In this corner – weighing in at 6.5 oz – the brassica from Topeka, the flowering stalk that won’t balk –

And the challenger – weighing in at 3.6oz – the sandwich here to vanquish, the jelly you aren’t ready for –

And there’s the bell!

While its Meat vs Veg in standard Food Fighters from Kid’s Table Board Gaming, and today’s special Game Bites edition includes an extra special addition – the Peanut Butter and Jelly edition!


Players chose a team an square off by construction two opposing 9×9 grids. Players also receive a few special items (crackers, pan and spoons) and their power cards – kept off to the side in the pantry.

On a turn players may choose to roll for beans to collect beans (the game’s currency), swap fighters in their grid, attack an enemy, or purchase items from the pantry.

Food attacks food that it is thinking of (pictured in its thought bubble). Dice are rolled and enemy food is defeated by any splats rolled.

Purchasing from the pantry gives you valuable advantages. Foods may attack from further away or types other than its usual target with the addition of the pan or spoon from the pantry. The power cards can give powerful one time abilities or remain in play long after they’ve been purchased.

Play continues until one player has KO’d three enemy fighters.

PB & J Stuffed French Toast

French toast is an easy brunch item that tastes great anytime of day. This version kicks it up a notch with the stuffing, which may seem complicated, is actually just constructing a sandwich out of french toast slices!

2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp salt (trust me)
1/4 cup milk
8 slices of bread – not too thick – great for using older bread
Peanut butter (or another spread, cream cheese is nice as well)
Jam or Marmalade (we used the homemade clementine marmalade that we featured here.)

Whisk together eggs, vanilla, salt and milk. Heat griddle or frying pan, spray with vegetable oil.

Dip one side of the bread into the egg mixture, flip, than remove (Do not soak, you’ll wind up with a soggy center that might tear)

Drop your toast onto the griddle an allow to cook thoroughly on one side before flipping (the edges will start to brown slightly, you are looking for golden brown). Once cooked remove from heat.

Construct your ‘stuffed’ french toast by making sandwiches like you would ordinarily. The warm bread will make the fillings gooey so work fast! Top with your favorites (maple syrup for us) and enjoy!

Jacob’s Take

Food Fighters is a short two player game about taking out the other team’s pantry of food stuffs. The base game is meats versus vegetables, but there is an expansion that adds a third team, the peanut butter and jelly team pantry (which is what we played with). Food Fighters is very simple in the rules: You can either collect the currency (Beans), destroy one of the opposing player’s food items, or swap cards for a more strategic set up, with items and power up cards on the side to help you with this. It was very straight forward and it only took us 5 minutes to set up, explain, and get to playing the game. The game play itself was fun, rolling dice and hoping it was the attack you needed, or to get a crucial piece of equipment to help you. All of the items and power up cards were useful (from what we tried). And since the physical items are returned to pantry as the game went on, they were able to be bought back to use again. Currency was relatively easy to earn but there is some strategy in deciding if you want to play offensively and attack a lot or defensively and collect items. Cards and symbols are very clear, and the powers were straightforward and not confusing to add into play.

In short, the game was definitely a good and quick (under ten minutes) two player game that was easy to learn and we laughed through game play. Recommended

AMJP’s Take

You’d best believe this game began and ended with some Peanut Butter Jelly Time style dancing 🙂 We both found Food Fighters easy to pick up and jumped quickly into play. The art is colorful and super cute, but in particular very clear to read even across the table or upside down. Having some reserved pantry items for players that might not build a strategy as fast was a boon as well. We also appreciated the cling stickers, which make it possible for players to choose teams that area little more unique (for example, you could totally switch things up so veg could fight veg, enabling a little more choice for a player that might want to construct a Turkey leg, onion, bacon team.) Cards at actually chunky cardboard and easy to pick up and manipulate. We did have a tiny bit of trouble with the symbols on the red die, but the add ons like skillets and crackers were well defined shapes – easy enough to distinguish themselves easily, even when placed on a card. We also tried a couple rounds omitting the powerups to see how well it worked simplified even more and had a blast.

Food Fighters provided a laugh filled, entertaining afternoon playing with our food and making up foodie puns. Recommended.