Funkoverse Strategy Games

Once in a lifetime there comes a hero. Or two. Or six.
Using their adorable pop figures, Funko has entered the board game hobby by introducing the Funkoverse Strategy Games – a line of skirmish type games based on some of their most popular characters.

The premise is pretty straightforward – each box contains 2 or 4 figures depending on whether you purchased a 2 player or 4 player game. Each character can perform actions like move and fight as well as use special powers denoted on their character card unique to that character. Characters can be upgraded throughout the course of the scenario.

The box also contains a double sided map and four scenarios (modes). The basic skirmish mode is Leaders, in which you’re simply trying to knock out the opposing player’s leader to score. Flags mode is a type of capture-the-flag, requiring you to stand near an opponent’s flag to score. The other two modes are area control, with Territory focused on individual sectors and Control focused on control of different points.

As of this writing there are 4 universes to choose from – Harry Potter, DC, Golden Girls, and Rick & Morty. I unboxed the DC box for a livestream on the Girls Game Shelf Community group and I was super please that was the one I chose because Catwoman is SO cute. Much like a pop figure they’re bobblehead style and exceedingly well made. They fit firmly on stable bases to keep from tilting over from being somewhat top heavy.

The rulebook is a particular standout, particularly for newer gamers. While its very detailed, there’s also a FANTASTIC set of quick start rules to get you started on your first adventure in less that 7 pages. I appreciated this not just for launching directly into a game quickly but because it gave a great overview of the basic things you’ll do in all the scenarios. Additionally, the rules go into detail about things like line of sight and movement that you see in a lot of grid based games, so this make a nice introduction to the genre.

Funko did a good job choosing their first IPs for this line as well. You’ve got something to appeal to comic book fans, fantasy fans, and nostalgia fans. And once you have the basics down for one you can easily switch to another depending on the interest of your group. You can also mix and match between the games to trade out characters, add more players, or try different maps.

The box itself does come with a nice insert for holding the figures and bits. If you’re not into inserts, there is enough room to fit two sets of figures and maps in one box, saving some space for travel or storage. The components are all very nice, from the figures to the extra thick game board, and accessories (Catwoman’s whip is super cute, and the ‘gems’ are quite large and easy to see/pick up.

Overall Funko has done a great job introducing an accessible game for both experienced and newer gamers. Nicely made components and varied IPs will bring in players interested in theme and look, while the different scenarios and play modes will keep things mechanically fresh beyond the first few games. Pick your favorite universe and bring this box to your game table soon!

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