Analog Apps: Wayk and Tangl

Whats an analog app? Its a tabletop game that resembles a phone app! Fisher Heaton has launched two games in their line of analog apps – Wayk and Tangl. Both boast cute themes, abstract game play, and colorful components.


Tangl is a polyomino race game. Players are each choose 10 random pieces and at the start of the timer, race to make an interconnecting shape called a Tangl. All ten tiles must be included, and no gaps can be left in the center of the figure. Points are scored by having the fewest outside corners (so closer to an actually rectangle the better! Rectangle. Tangl. Get it?!) Lowest score wins!

Tangl also includes several puzzles for solo play, a team mode and (our favorite) a mega puzzle in which all players work together in order to make a tangle from all 72 pieces! Tangl accommodates 1-6 players and can be played in 5-10 mins.


In Wayk players take the role of tiny robots reawakening passengers on a generation ship before it is destroyed. Assuming control of the robots, players move from til to tile in an attempt to free stasis chambers and transport the occupants to escape pods. They’ll accomplish this by moving from tile to tile by going up or down from the number they are currently on.

Once on a tile, the robot can raise a stasis chamber or release it to a waiting escape pod (but be careful! Releasing a chamber with no waiting pod means its passengers are destined to tumble through space, lost to the expedition!) Once all the pods have been removed or there are no legal moves left the game ends. The player with the most points wins! Wayk plays 1-2 players (the solo mode objective is to remove all Stasis chambers before running out of legal moves) and playes in about 30 mins.

Fans quick, simple, pass-the-time sort of phone apps (or polyominoes!) are sure to enjoy Tangl, and those that like their abstracts a little more meaty will appreciate Wayk’s thinkier challenge. Both are currently available on kickstarter.