Top Ten Pocket Games

The average person spends six months of their lives waiting. Some of us fidget, some doodle, some mess around on their phones. ALL of us wish we had a better way to pass the time while in a queue, waiting for your tacos to be ready, or awaiting the arrival of the last few RPG players. Small footprint fillers are the gamer’s solution to finger tapping and second counting – quick enough to keep from becoming too engrossed, with efficient storage that makes many handy for even the smallest of playing surfaces. These are ten of our favorites

Palm Island
The ultimate one hand game. Collect resources to upgrade the village on your tiny island. Clever use of card orientation as a mechanic gives this 17 card game a lot of strategic options. Two player decks come in the box, but this one shines as an ‘anytime, anywhere’ solo game that never leaves the palm of your hand. 1-2 players, 15 mins.

The Fox in the Forest
A quick paced trick-taker. Straightforward highest-card-wins play is enhanced with special ability cards that shake things up, and limitation on trick scoring (be to greedy and you’ll lose it all) give this a bridge like feel as well. 2 players, 25 mins.

In this tranquil little game based on the art of repairing pottery, you’ll attempt to match cards in order to reconstruct your secret pattern. Overlays and clever placement give this a very small footprint, and with only a handful of cards, it will fit into the skinniest jeans pocket. 2-3 players, 10 mins.

Tussie Mussie
Express your innermost feelings with flowers. This 16 card game features a I divide, you choose mechanic and equal parts hidden and public information in each player’s tableau. Gorgeous flower art and strategic scoring make this a purse staple. 1-4 players, 20 mins.

Happy Salmon
Small footprint, BIG fun. Toss down cards and attempt to match symbols with other players at the table to advance to the next one. Bright, cheerful, and belly-laugh inducing (try the silent hand gestures mode, you won’t regret it) 3-6 players, 5 mins.

Love Letter
Can you reach the princess before getting forstalled by one of her court? Risk, deduction, luck, and manipulation will triumph in this classic. With several variants, keep an eye out for a version in your favorite pop-culture fandom. 2-4 players, 25 mins.

Get the MacGuffin
The objective: be the last one one with cards in your hand. The execution: not as easy as you’d think. In this game of hand management you’ll use items and actions to hopefully force your opponents to run out of cards before they do the same to you. 2-11 players, 10 mins.

Tofu Kingdom
The Mochi Prince is seeking his Tofu princess. In this social deduction game you’ll encounter the classic logic puzzle – some players always tell the truth, some always lie. Can you help unite these star crossed lovers? 3-8 players, 25 mins

A small footprint roll and write for fans of the mechanic. Create same color bouquets for your customers, and fill your flower stalls without making too many of them angry! A little luck and you’ll be the star florist. 1-5 players, 20 mins.

Flip Hue
This set collection game for 3-6 seems simple, but with double sided cards, you’re only playing half the game! Try to build your hand while your opponents try and use cards from your hand to help with theirs. 3-6 players, 20 mins.