The Busy Girl’s Guide to Gift Giving

Its the most wonderful time of the year. But for the Busy Girl, winter seasonal giving can quickly turn that holiday glee into holiday headache. Whether you’re ho-ho-ho-ing or prepping for a rash of birthdays – make a cup of cocoa, slip on some fuzzy slippers, and let this Busy Girl’s Guide help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

1- THEMED GAMES FOR EVERY HOBBY – Good chance if someone’s made your gift-giving list,you know a few things about them. So what do they like BESIDES games? There’s a game for almost every hobby and interest under the sun, from travel to birding to car racing. Starting with your giftee’s other interests is sure to produce a winner.

2 – EXPANSIONS –What are your recipient’s favorite games? Good chance there’s an expansion or promo somewhere out there to add to the fun. Check the manufacturer’s website to see what add-ons or expansions might be available. You can’t go wrong with something to make an already beloved game even more exciting.

3 – FAMILY GAMES – As the average gamer gets older, they’re adding little gamers to the community.Friends don’t let friends play too much Candyland. Play jolly old elf to all the parents you know by finding games their entire family can enjoy.

4 – GM/TEACH A GAME – Got a friend that’s ALWAYS the rule reader/explainer? Or maybe someone that always volunteers to GM your latest role-playing adventure? Volunteer to be in the hot seat next time. Your friend will appreciate the opportunity to sit back and play for a change, and you may find you really like being head of the table for a bit.

5 – STOCKING STUFFERS –Travel games and purse/pocket games make brilliant stocking stuffers or party favors. But the best benefit is the gift of gaming anytime with something small enough to carry everywhere.

6 – ACCESSORIES – For the gamer who has full shelves, how about board game accessories? Card sleeves, upgraded components, box inserts, and metal coins can really let the gamer who has everything bling out their collection. Add some zing to their favorites!

7 – BOARD GAME LUGGAGE – Most of your friends are still using a cloth bag we got from a con six years ago to tote games from their place to yours. Do them a huge favor and gift them any one of the fantastic pieces of board game luggage that’s come out recently. From long thin bags that will carry a few card games to duffle bags capable of carrying half their collection, you’ll help them keep boxes in great shape and components from getting jumbled around, and in style to boot!

8 – GIFT CARDS – When in doubt,go the gift card route. Help out your Friendly Local Game Store as well as give your friend the opportunity to buy something their heart has been set on. Offer to make it a coffee and shopping trip and you’ve made their nice list for sure!

9– CONVENTION TICKETS– Local convention? Gift an experience and get your friends passes for a day or two. They can try new products, play a few games, and meet publishers and gamers from all over the world. Chance are it’ll be unforgettable and something they’ll still be talking about for years to come.

“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss