Good Neighbors: Gamers for Good

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ~ Mr. Rogers

The mission of Gamers for Good is simple – to help connect gamers with charitable service and giving opportunities. To date over 5500 gamers have donated 12126 hours and $201,000 to groups all over the US. Events range from community clean ups and food drives, to volunteering at the paralympics and planting trees. This Thanksgiving they’ll be helping with the Westside Thanksgiving Celebration in Los Angeles, and event that feeds thousands while providing other services to the area. I caught up with fonder Liz Cooper to talk about the group and why giving back is such an important part of our communities.

What was the catalyst the brought about Gamers for Good?

Gamers for Good was an idea in our heads for a long time, but the catalyst to its founding was when a co-worker was diagnosed with Stage 4 of aggressive cancer. All the developers wanted to do something to help our friend and didn’t know what. We came up with the idea of using fanart from our friend favorite 10 games to try and raise money for his treatment. That project is what got us started.

How do you help the community?

We help the community in a few ways: –Through direct community service – from painting, cleaning, picking produce, packing at the food bank, to cleaning the wetlands – we are hands-on

–We also use video game art to help raise money for causes, so in this way, we connect our community with even more organizations and their service through our projects.

–We also speak with the game community, we help others learn how they can give back, we help other plan and host service event across the globe, allowing ever more gamers to be exposed to giving opportunities

–We make games with compassionate awareness campaigns, we seek to utilize the medium to educate even more gamers about causes and organizations serving it.

Why do you think gaming and community service is a good fit?

I think gaming and community service are a good fit because I want gamers to be known as compassionate generous as a group. Gamers can do amazing things when working as a community, Gamers for Good looks to harness that generous spirit through its projects.

Whats your next event?

We have an event planned on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, we are working on filling out the rest of the calendar year for 2018 with events from around the country, you can always check our upcoming events.

You can follow Gamers for Good on Twitter and Facebook.