The Busy Girl’s Guide to…

You got up this morning. Went to the gym. Took a shower. Did something with your hair. Gulped down a smoothie. Dropped kids at school and headed to work. Eight hours of hustle. Picked up kids. Got dinner situated. Answered emails. Walked the dog. Tidied up. Read the news. Tucked little ones in. Repaired someone’s pants/computer/toy. Crawled into bed. Watched an episode of Blue Planet. Fell asleep.

Maybe you homeschool instead of going to a job outside your home, maybe your kids are actually fur babies, but there’s a good chance most of your weekdays are some variation of this. And its not a bad grind. But how do you fit gaming into your week with everything that HAS to get done?

The object of the Busy Girl’s Guide is to help maximize our game time even with minimum time. Can’t go to a weekend con? Don’t have time to create a perfect prototype for your game idea? Want to play something fun but have to include all ages? We’ll talk tips for casual gamers and industry professionals alike.

#Bestlife doesn’t have to be #busylife. But it sure does feel like it sometimes. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up for a moment, and lets chat about games.