Game Bites: Yes Chef!

In Game Bites we talk about fun food themed games, related recipes, and accessibility in gaming. My co-author is my son, Jacob, a non-nuerotypical aspiring chef. Every other week we try a new game, he cooks a delicious related dish and shares a recipe, and we talk about the pros and cons of what we’ve played. So sit back, tuck your napkin in, and have a bite with us!

Do you have what it takes to be the best chef? In Yes Chef!you want to keep your customers happy with a variety of savory and sweet far based on their preferences – but be careful not to serve the wrong dish!

Yes Chef! is a set collection game for 2-6 players. The object is to collect the most meals by matching them with customers who want that type of food. Meals are classified as rich, hearty, sweet, salty, or spicy (often combinations of more than one of these.)

Each player starts with a hand of 3 customers, each of which is interested in a meal comprised of one or more of the five kinds of food. The meal cards are spread randomly on the table. The first player flips up a meal card and the players race to see who can create a match first. First correct match wins the card. If there are no correct matches but a player accidentally plays a customer card who doesn’t want that type of dish they create an unsatisfied customer. Replacement customers are drawn and play continues. Once all the food cards have been claimed points are counted – one per satisfied customer or two for unsatisfied ones. Most points wins!

Jacob’s Homemade Tortillas and Guacamole

Making corn tortillas is a snap – it only takes two ingredients!

1 ½ cup Masa (corn flour)
1 cup hot water

Mix together masa and hot water until well combined If dough is too sticky, add more masa: if it begins to dry out, add a little more water. Form a ball and wrap dough tightly with plastic wrap. Let it rest for about 30 mins.

Divide dough into a dozen equal size balls. Using a tortilla press or a rolling pin, press each dough flat between sheets of parchment paper or plastic wrap. (Think thicker than a crepe. And don’t worry too much about the shape – so long as it can hold your taco filling its entirely fine.)

Pre-heat pan to hot. Place tortilla in pan for about 45 seconds until browning and slightly puffed. Flip and cook the other side for about 45 seconds longer. Repeat for all tortillas.

For the guacamole –
1 ripe Avocado
Salt and pepper
1 Lime
¼ cup onion
½ Jalapeno pepper

Cilantro to taste (Some people taste cilantro differently. It has to do with a gene that senses small. For example, it tastes like soap to me.)

Cube and mash avocado. Squeeze juice from lime and add salt and pepper. Dice onion and jalapeno and chop cilantro. Mix with avocado.

Tips: – The consistency of the tortillas will be a little more crumbly than you may expect; that’s fine! If it tears when you try to roll it out it’s easy to re-form and try again. – If it goes well with avocado, you can put it in guacamole. Feel free to experiment. Mom likes sriracha, mango, and Serrano peppers.

Jacob’s Thoughts

Yes Chef! is a very simple and fast game. I think this would be a good filler while you’re waiting on someone or out waiting on food at a restaurant. Pictures in the instructions would be helpful to make it clear how each action works. One of the rules is kind of confusing; it’s not clear if you can attach customers with fewer wants to foods with three criteria. The food cards are colorful and clear which makes it easy to identify the symbology on the edges as well as the food picture.

AnnaMaria’s Thoughts

Overall this is a cute, fast set collector. Symbology is large and clear, easy to identify from across the table. The rule book could use a few clarifications, in particular about card matching criteria – we played it the way it seemed most logical but it’d be nice to see that written down. Additionally the font in the rule book (a pdf you have to print) is somewhat small and printed over a picture, which makes reading it a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot of slap jack type fun here; we spent a lot of time somewhat hysterically yelling “sweet and spicy – BAM” to indicate matches while trying to avoid each others’ hands. Jacob was the winner of this one by a mile – the final score was 12 to 1!

Final Bite The rulebook could use some clarification but if you’re a fan of somewhat chaotic, laughter-inducing games, this is in your wheelhouse!

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